Covenant Ministry Training Institute

Covenant Ministry Training Institute (CMTI) is a one year program that provides a vehicle to train local church leaders using bible college material taught by inspired and experienced instructors in a local church setting. This allows for the local church to provide quality monthly bible college courses while still imparting local church DNA into their leaders. The classroom work and other ministry experiences may be transferred to Vision International, an accredited bible college, where the student can continue their education and earn a degree. CMTI can be established in any US church and with minor modifications can be implemented internationally.

Monthly schedule for CMTI:

  • Prepare International Bible College Instruction (12 hours)
  • Local Church Training (6 hours)
  • Personal Study (10 hours)
  • Local Church Service/Ministry (12 hours)
For more information contact Dean Betty Suhre at 828-627-9000.